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My name is Cosmael and I am a scientist but I have also been a reporter-editor.

I have always been interested in technology and entertainment, being a gamer and movie fan.
That is why I realized a dream when I had the chance to be invited to conferences such as E3 or the Stan Lee Comicon.
Before starting Cosmael, I have worked for:
Gamer-Network: 2014-2015
Player-zone: 2016-2017

What I like to do is making news report less formal and give my sincere opinion about what I see. I am a bit tired from the BS, rumors, and drama both in the news and game industries.

As a scientist, I have also seen and be part of research groups and start-up going from very small to a fully functional entity. I have definitely learned there, seen some pattern and also helped in almost any aspect possible…

For any contact: cosmael@cosmael.com