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Investors saving money

With the current 2022 crisis, one big change seems to be investors less interested in betting on projects without a clear return on investment in the near future. 

While a part of me is afraid that this will give less opportunities for absolutely crazy ideas to grow, another bigger part of me is actually happy with that change. 

So far getting investment feels to be more profitable to people with seemingly impossible projects.

Those were either too good to be true (the bigger, the better) or based on losing a lot of money to undercut the competition. Basically creating no real value or benefit.

Theranos is the most obvious example but not the only one. I do not blame investors to be fair, they are shown extraordinary things and some biased information to say that this is easily achievable. 

Sadly, the same investment could have helped smaller but achievable projects, start-ups that would have grown and be beneficial both for society and for the investors.

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